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On our recent beach vacation we ate our weight in guacamole and ceviche, got a little sunburned at Chichen Itza, and barely stepped in the ocean!  Tulum in Quintana Roo, Mexico has been on my radar for some time now.  Living in Austin means it’s a short (and fairly inexpensive) flight away.  We started our vacation a day early with friends in San Antonio, who later dropped us at the airport for the short 2.5 hour flight to Cancun.  Once there we rented a car and found Tulum to be an easy 1.5 hour drive South.

A few favorite moments of Tulum 2015.

{DRIVING} While driving, the Mexican road sign of “Reductor de Velocidad”  (warning of an upcoming speed bump) lead to frantic yelling by the driver or passenger of “velocity reducer!” and a slamming of the car brakes.  These signs appear frequently, suddenly and without any rhyme or reason.  We also discovered that putting your hazard lights on while driving means…you can do whatever the hell you want.

{COBA} We visited many ruins, but in Coba you can rent and ride bicycles to tour the large site, and the best part is,  you can still climb the main structure.  Coba also felt more authentic due to the lack of excavation and closeness of the jungle.

{CENTOTE DOS OJOS} The only tour we paid for.  The tour allowed us to snorkel into the Bat cave section of the cenote with a tour guide who shared geological and cultural info about the cenotes.  Clear, cool water, with aqautic life that doesn’t bite=my kind of swimming!

{FOOD} My favorite meal was our first night in town at Encanto Cantina.  We drank a flight of Mezcal, ate beautifully presented guacamole with pomegranate seeds, and the freshest largest bowl of ceviche ever!  We left food on the table because there was more than we could eat. (That doesn’t happen often)  The meal also didn’t break the bank as we discovered dining on the beach will do.  In-town over beach wins hands down for friendly amazing service and delicious well priced food.

My final take is that I would go back for round two of Rivera Maya.  It was relaxing and also invigorating, which is a my perfect vacation combo.  Hasta luego, Tulum!

BTW!  This vacation would never have happened with the amazing Wendy C. at Tourwick Travel!!  I gave her a very limited budget and she delivered this amazingness!  I can’t wait to travel and use her services again!